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Oxygen cylinders come in many different shapes and sizes and it is extremely important to select the correct size when ordering.

Standard cylinders being used today are:

Rent These Oxygne Cylinders

M6 (B): These cylinders are aprox 15" high and 3" in diameter (uses carry bag)

M9(C): These cylinders are aprox 15" high and 4" in diameter (uses carry bag)

D: These cylinders are aprox 22" high and 4" in diameter (uses carry bag or cart)

E: These cylinders are aprox 31" high and 4" in diameter (uses cart)


Depending on your Liters per Minute (LPM) flow and the type of regulator you use will more than likely determine the size of cylinder required. Higher flow rates (3-6 LPM) will usually require the use of the larger sizes (D & E) while lower flow rates (1 - 2.5) can utilize smaller size cylinders if desired.

The type of regulator you use will also effect the type of cylinder you may require. A standard regulator will normally deliver between 1-15 LPM on a constant flow, meaning that there is a continuous flow of oxygen coming from the cylinder at the selected LPM rate. The useage time for the cylinder is at its minimum.

Oxygen Concerving Device (OCD) regulators are quickly becoming very popular and extends the life of the cylinder 2 to 3 times. These OCD regulators can an electric "Pulse Type" system or a non-electric "On Demand" system.  Without getting into great detail, the Pulse Type system will "Pulse" an amount of oxygen to the patient at regular selected intervals to acheive the desired LPM flow. A non electric "On Demard" system basically shuts off the flow of oxygen while the patient is exhaling thereby conserving the oxygen in the cylinder.

These issues can be discussed with a CareVacations CruiseShipAssist Specialist when determining your exact oxygen requirements.

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